What is an ‘endo diet’?. According to many women with an inflammatory disease or autoimmune disease, pain and bloating can be heightened with the consumption of certain foods. Studies have even linked increased inflammation due to certain foods. As such, the endo diet removes certain foods such as dairy, sugars, gluten and red meat from the daily routine in order to minimize symptoms. Because the last thing you want is to be wearing a tight dress and get caught with endo belly. What’s endo belly, you ask? Think bloated painful belly that makes you look like you’re in your second trimester. Sometimes, the bloat doesn’t go away for days, and none of us need that!

What is a low residue diet? Simply put, a low residue diet is the consumption of foods that create less ‘residue’ or poop in your body. When you have a bowel related diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)) or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD; Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis) the idea is to reduce the amount of poop, and the frequency you are pooping. The third component is the type of poop (nobody likes a hard-as-rock poop after three days of constipation, or a bunch of diarrhea). In order to obtain this, you need to eat a low residue diet that is low in fibre.

If you’ve got all these dietary issues, food becomes less desirable after a while and you find yourself eating chips and salsa everyday, or a stale piece of bread, just to make life simpler. I couldn’t stand it anymore. Three years of sweet potatoes and I was going insane. So I slowly started curating recipes and tweaking them to meet my flavor needs. Click on he images below to take you to my recipes.

Lunch and Dinner

Here are some things I have removed from our household.

  • Sugar: I have removed refined sugars and sweeteners – instead I use honey, or maple syrup to to whatever needs sweetening, although these days with black coffee as my own source of caffeine I dont really sweeten much. I also juice with fruit especially when in a flare up with UC. Its literally the best way to obtain nutrients without eating all the bulk.
  • Wheat: I struggle with this because wheat is a huge trigger for endo belly (since it contains gluten), but is a great lubricant for UC. I was officially perplexed how to get around this one, until I discovered 1 for 1 flour, and alternative flours like coconut, almond and chic pea. Now I can gleefully look up a recipe and simply swap out the type of flour that does not contain any gluten.
  • Gluten: Yup I mentioned gluten in the wheat section. BUT there are so many foods that contain gluten, unless you really look you won’t know, and then end up in the bathroom hours later. Here is a great link for everything you need to know about hidden sources of gluten. Note however, that A LOT of companies are now coming out with gluten free everything. Some foods probably never had gluten in them to begin with, but seeing the ‘GF’ symbol on pasta sauces, bread crumbs, crackers, etc, makes me smile. Turn the containers around and look for the fine print. You’ll be surprised what is gluten free these days.
  • Corn: Corn flour is one thing, but corn starch is a detriment. Sadly this means I do not bother with gluten free pastas that are made from corn as they replace wheat/semolina/durum with corn flour and corn starch. The best gluten free pastas as ones made from brown rice, white rice, bean or quinoa.
  • Dairy: Dairy is a huge trigger for endo belly. While I must admit, for me it only does slight harm, I can’t wrap my head around dairy despite how delicious it is. We have taken dairy completely out of our diet, and have allowed non-cow cheese to stay in every now and then, such as goat cheese and feta. You can also find a wide variety of vegan cheese that taste ok if you mix it into a recipe. I wouldn’t recommend eating on its own.
  • Fibre: There are foods that are naturally high in fibre that I likely may never be able to eat again. One bad meal can take you right off the remission train. Those foods, generally, are lentils, high fibre veggies such as brussels sprouts, gassy foods like cabbage, and a variety of fruits that just seem to make my feel icky.

Because of all the things I have eliminated from my diet I make extra sure I am eating a lot of protein to get the power I need throughout the day. I also – with caution – pile on as many veggies as I can tolerate though that depends on the day.

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