Eggplant Mini Pizzas (with vegan cheese) (Endo/UC)

What you will need: 1 eggplant table salt (dont use the good stuff) olive oil 1/2 cup tomato sauce (canned or made fresh) vegan cheese fresh basil pepper to taste crushed garlic (optional) I was interested in sprucing up this recipe, pinned by kaylin's kitchen ( based on Julia Childs' cookbook, by removing the dairy … Continue reading Eggplant Mini Pizzas (with vegan cheese) (Endo/UC)

Avocado Basil Pesto (UC diet)

I absolutely cannot take credit for this recipe but I am absolutely in love. I am still eating this... as I type... but I could not bare keeping this from you since I just posted these divine pictures on instagram. has shared this recipe on pinterest. Click for the recipe here.