Crispy Gluten-Free Bread

I have read a number of recipes - all copying the recipe from Gluten-Free Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day - which I'm sure is delightful but it complicates things a bit too much. So I am distilling this recipe down so that it doesnt take you 9 years to read it. I also… Continue reading Crispy Gluten-Free Bread

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Cannabis for chronic pelvic pain

I wanted to do a post about medical marijuana as I think this is such an important topic. The legalization of these products has opened the eyes of individuals who would not normally smoke a joint - let's say - to explore the effects of cannabis on pain, as these products are becoming more accepted… Continue reading Cannabis for chronic pelvic pain

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Primary vs Secondary Dysmenorrhea

We have this notion - or perhaps a false hope - that excision surgery is going to miraculously take away all the pain and suffering leading up to this day. And, while excision is the gold standard of diagnosing and treating endometriosis, it is always good to be prepared for lingering AND new symptoms that… Continue reading Primary vs Secondary Dysmenorrhea