My UC Story

There are many women who have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease (or IBS) many years prior to discovering they also have endometriosis. In fact, the many women I have spoken to have had it unfold this way. For me, however, I had suffered with endometriosis for nearly 20 years before I knew I had IBD. To be honest, I didn’t even think I had IBD. I didn’t even know the specifics of my colon and never thought to think the diarrhea I experienced every month along with my period was anything other than ‘period poops’. So to be told, a week into what I thought was the flu, that I now have a chronic autoimmune disease?! Woah, slow down! But that is now my reality. The first struggle with having IBD is that I had spent 20 years defining the various types and degrees of pain I experienced over the years and now I was forced very quickly to add new descriptors of pain to my repertoire. The second, and maybe even bigger challenge, was to keep the inflammation down while still obtaining enough nutrients. I definitely did the BRAT diet for many many months, and then slowly but mathematically introduced one ingredient at a time over the course of 3 years. And the journey continues. 

The Shittery -volume 1

I haven’t written a post in so long, and honestly, I was afraid that with everything going on I would just be a wet blanket. The fact is I was going in circles trying to figure out how my gut health – something I have worked so hard on – could all go down the… Continue reading The Shittery -volume 1

I cannot poop

I cannot poop. It is not lost on me how ridiculous that sounds. It is not lost on me how much of an exaggeration and an over simplification this sounds to someone else. ‘What do you mean you can’t poop?’ they ask. ‘There are things you can take for constipation’ they suggest. But it’s not… Continue reading I cannot poop

The Chair Technique

I was able to hold it together for so long, with the endometriosis pain running my life, and the new diagnosis of an immune disease changing my life forever. I could hold it together while I was alone in Vancouver, but then I moved. I moved a day late because of a pancreatitis flare that… Continue reading The Chair Technique

Cannabis for chronic pelvic pain

I wanted to do a post about medical marijuana as I think this is such an important topic. The legalization of these products has opened the eyes of individuals who would not normally smoke a joint – let’s say – to explore the effects of cannabis on pain, as these products are becoming more accepted… Continue reading Cannabis for chronic pelvic pain

Divorce and Chronic Illness

During the last year I have battled with my health, and as a result have battled with loving myself. When I look in the mirror I see scars from surgeries, cellulite from poor lymphatic systems, bloated belly from something Ive eaten or just a mere buildup of poop. I see swelling and tension. I see… Continue reading Divorce and Chronic Illness

Pain Survey

Cramp My Style Blog is expanding. The new initiative is focused on neutralizing gender-biased outcomes in pain treatment. On the onset, the goal will be to understand the challenges presented to women (and transgender) when confronting their healthcare practitioners about pain. Once this initial information has been collected, the focus will be to lobby for,… Continue reading Pain Survey

Listening to my body – Part 1

With so many things happening to my body at once, I spend a great deal of time discerning between endometriosis pain, ulcerative colitis pain, anxiety, stress and just an off day. I run out of spoons a lot, and I am starting to look at my body with disdain – something I don’t even want… Continue reading Listening to my body – Part 1

A spoonie Holiday Poem

To all those out there who are listening for a second there are a few reminders I need to tell you; While this holiday you want me to join you in the adventures, to be honest, I’ll only be able to endure a few.   I wake up in the morning feeling pretty achy and… Continue reading A spoonie Holiday Poem

An Autoimmune Gift List

Do you know someone with an autoimmune disease? Are you unsure what to get them for the holidays? Many of us autoimmune sufferers chat on social media almost every day about things that have worked for us – either therapeutically or mentally. Sometimes its as easy as a smell or a feeling. To help you… Continue reading An Autoimmune Gift List

Periods and Poop

Why we need to listen to our bowel symptoms So many young women have approached me about endometriosis – and its related symptoms – to help determine if they have the disease. Because of their age, the vast majority have been told by their doctors that it is likely they have endometriosis but it has… Continue reading Periods and Poop

The Reuleaux of my health

The meaning behind the logo For the last 20 years I have been trying to better understand and ‘treat’ my endometriosis with surgeries, birth control pills and pain medications. In the latter years I started to get wiser about the effects of nutrition and thus started to explore dietary solutions to mitigate the symptoms associated… Continue reading The Reuleaux of my health

What the poop?

The battles of submitting your fecal calprotectin test When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis almost 8 months ago now, I met my GI for the first time. She and her team were the ones to perform the colonoscopy that would reveal my diagnosis as well as the particulars about the severity of the disease.… Continue reading What the poop?

Dont tell me what to do

Working on you, when you are ready I refuse to be called a millennial and in the grand scheme of things I dont think Im that stubborn. But I have noticed a trend in my life: that I can only do things when I am ready. For instance, when I was 12 years old my… Continue reading Dont tell me what to do

My new sistas!

The Support Network of Spoonies It has been 23 days of constant (chronic pain) and sadly I dont see a light at the end of the tunnel yet. I am trying my very best to live, and breathe and be positive but some days are better than others. To say the least I have been… Continue reading My new sistas!

A pendulum between two diseases

Between Ulcerative Colitis and Endometriosis Where did I leave off? Oh yes. So I kept you hanging with the MRI results, and still no word from either doctor. On Monday morning I called to make an appointment with both my GI and my endo specialist. My GI had just returned from holidays and I was… Continue reading A pendulum between two diseases

My abdomen is not happy

Undiagnosed abdominal pain I dont know how to begin this blog article other than to really start at the beginning of this journey. I thought for sure this wouldnt be worthy of an article as I just assumed this pain would go away through a fart, or a bowel movement, or maybe by way of… Continue reading My abdomen is not happy

My body is attacking itself

Having multiple autoimmune diseases I was born a fantastically healthy baby, with no jaundice, asthma, or abnormalities that would see me through to adulthood. Until I was 14 and the much raved about menstrual periods started.  I was overjoyed by the fact that I was part of the club that I didnt bother mentioning to… Continue reading My body is attacking itself

Where did my Entyvio go?

What happens when your biologic starts wearing off Those of us with autoimmune diseases know our bodies so well, and while we often cannot explain what we are feeling, we know something is up. Starting in February I had my three loading doses of Entyvio, and then experienced my first 8 week interval without the… Continue reading Where did my Entyvio go?

I used to miss my pain meds

Using Turmeric Liquid Phytocaps for inflammation Alright so this is my big moment of putting my foot in my mouth. Here goes. So for the last 14 years I have been depending – and I dont use this term lightly – DEPENDING on advil to get me through period pain. I’ll be honest, it did nothing… Continue reading I used to miss my pain meds

Travel Symptoms for UC and Endo

I have mentioned in the past that the diet for endometriosis and the diet for Ulcerative Colitis are quite contradictory to one another. In the years that I only knew about my endometriosis I knew exactly how to avoid getting endobelly – the distended belly that results from inflammatory foods such as carbs. But once… Continue reading Travel Symptoms for UC and Endo

The Tango Between Two Diseases

Symptoms from Endometriosis and Ulcerative Colitis I feel like my endo and my UC have been doing the tango, competing for first prize. On days when my UC  tends to be on the quiet side, my endo craves to steal the scene and do a few painful twirls on my diaphragm. Then they swap back… Continue reading The Tango Between Two Diseases

Last day of Prednisone

It has taken a lot of effort to do anything today. I woke up early feeling good, and not even two hours later I HAD to take a nap…. for like 3 hours. Is it considered a nap if its for 3 hours, I wonder? Anyways, its nearing the end of the day and I… Continue reading Last day of Prednisone

Too many pills

What a day! I am finally well enough to talk about what happened two days ago. As you know, my GI told me she wants me to increase my salofalk dose from 2 pills three times a day, to 8 pills once a day. Mother of goodness, that is a handful of pills. Not to… Continue reading Too many pills

Symptoms of Prednisone

Thought this might warrant its only blog article since a lot of you will either be on your first go at this, or have been put back on prednisone for recurring flare ups. When I was discharged from the hospital after my diagnosis I was put on 8 pills of prednisone a day for about… Continue reading Symptoms of Prednisone