A spoonie Holiday Poem

IMG_0923To all those out there who are listening for a second

there are a few reminders I need to tell you;

While this holiday you want me to join you in the adventures,

to be honest, I’ll only be able to endure a few.


I wake up in the morning feeling pretty achy

and you might ask if I’m feeling ok.

My body takes a bit more time to wake up than yours,

and everything I try to do will have a slight delay.


Throughout the day you might see me sit

to release the swelling or slow my heart.

I’m not trying to be antisocial

I just need to spread my activities apart.


You know I love to eat and drink like you,

Like chocolates and cheese and wine,

But my body will react heavily to these things,

while your body will be just fine.


If I run to the washroom frequently

and sometimes for an extended period of time,

don’t worry about me in any way

My bowels and my bladder are just giving me a sign.


If you see me take a pause in my drinking

and you catch me rubbing my belly

I assure you it’s not because I’m pregnant,

I’m just resting my bowels and my endo belly.


For all the diseases I have

I know my body is reacting when it becomes swollen.

And it feels better to firmly cup my body

As my food moves through my aching colon.


If you ask me if I’d like some food or drink

and I insist to you that I can’t,

please don’t push me any further;

It’s not because I don’t want to, but that I shant.


You see everything I do, I consume or breathe

has a very particular effect on me.

Think of it like a brutal hangover

but my recovery is more like two days or three.


At the end of the night I may make some concessions

like dance on the floor but take off my shoes.

Because at this point I can either sleep or soak in the fun

So what do you think I’ll choose?


And then before the night is done I may call it quits

and quickly need to get to bed.

I honestly gave you all that  I could,

But I’d rather attempt to get home safely now instead.


The next morning you might have some activities

that require my attention in the early morning.

Go on, go have fun and do your thing without me;

when you come home in the afternoon I may still be snoring.


The second day is a full day of recovery

so dont be upset if I bail as well on your afternoon fun.

My heart is happy I ‘overdid’ it with you

But sadly every muscle in my body hurts a ton.


I’m not sad, I’m not ashamed, or thinking ‘what if?’,

It’s not healthy for me to go down that path.

My body is the way that it is, now and forever,

I just know for each activity I need to do some mental math.


But most of all don’t feel like you need to fix me or entertain me,

and please don’t give me that look.

On day two when everyone else is out and about

The only thing I crave is curling up at home with a good book.


So to all of you who will have me this holiday

and gleefully include me in your holiday fuss.

I just want to remind you of this message

so that we make it a peaceful holiday for both of us.


Happy Holidays to all my spoonies. Please share this poem with your friends and family (and take full credit on writing it 😉




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