Progestin making you bloat?

One of the messages that I try to convey to my readers is that you MUST listen to your body. The other message - which is a mucher harder one to convey and certainly harder for my readers to follow through on - is to be your own advocate. Sometimes your physicians are not as … Continue reading Progestin making you bloat?

Endometriosis versus Erectile Dysfunction – the numbers are staggering

A lot of my posts are drafted for days while I gather stats, and mull over the most politically correct way to convey information without sounding too bias or uninformed. But every once in a while I get the motivation to write something off the cuff; something that comes from my innermost emotions and bubbles … Continue reading Endometriosis versus Erectile Dysfunction – the numbers are staggering

Pain Survey

Cramp My Style Blog is expanding. The new initiative is focused on neutralizing gender-biased outcomes in pain treatment. On the onset, the goal will be to understand the challenges presented to women (and transgender) when confronting their healthcare practitioners about pain. Once this initial information has been collected, the focus will be to lobby for, … Continue reading Pain Survey