Thank you for visiting my blog.

Life has been a true roller coaster for the past 20 years and things just keep getting more and more interesting. In the menu section you will see pages outlining my story as time went on. First it was my Endo story, the diet I learned to adhere to as a new norm, and more recently my Ulcerative Colitis Story. Together, these stories make up my life. For the rest of my life I now need to learn to distinguish Endo pain from UC pain, and how to keep my UC in remission without introducing too many inflammatory foods that may also flare my Endo.

The weird thing is, I started writing this blog to connect with others finding their way with Endo. And then all of a sudden after 20 years I discover I have two autoimmune diseases, both of which express themselves in similar ways. Now, I am searching for others like me who are combating both diseases at the same time – a balancing act – and the stats tells me there are others out there like me.

During the 10 days I was in the hospital I reached out to my Endo support groups selfishly hoping I would find people out there with a similar story.  One beautiful soul reached out privately, and she ‘virtually’ held my hand throughout the days, guiding me on some of the most important medical decisions of my life. For now we call her Jane. Jane was my sounding board in the most positive way. She led me to believe that things would turn out ok. And so far they have. The truth is, I want to be your Jane now. I want to be able to share my story and hopefully, by some twisted fate, you will stumble upon this blog and  feel a little less alone in your journey.

A little bit about me I guess…

I am originally from Brampton, Ontario, Canada and have had the unique opportunity to live in a few different cities including Ottawa, the beautiful Los Angeles, and Vancouver. I am now back home starting a new life with my boyfriend in Ottawa.

I am a full time Director of Sales for a microbiome sequencing company in Vancouver, Canada. I work part time from home, and part time from the office, managing a small group and learning from the community. A big part of my career focuses on travelling, networking, and educating myself with the latest and most profound research implicating the microbiome of all types. The ‘microbiome’ is the community of microbes – good or bad – that live in any given environment. Needless to say with my new diagnosis of UC my two worlds collided pretty darn heavily. I like to keep them separate when I can, but understanding one helps me understand the other. Once I am in remission, and I have successfully introduced nutritional foods back into my diet, the goal will be to replenish my microbiome with probiotics and see where that leads me. I gleefully am participating in a number of clinical trials to see how my microbiome changes under certain conditions, and perhaps can share those outcomes over time as well. In the meantime I will do my best to extrapolate from various sources on how to live a healthy life, make tasty nutritional foods, and not be defined by these illnesses.

For now, Im just me, writing away hoping someone is listening and feeling the pulse of my story.