My new sistas!

The Support Network of Spoonies

It has been 23 days of constant (chronic pain) and sadly I dont see a light at the end of the tunnel yet. I am trying my very best to live, and breathe and be positive but some days are better than others. To say the least I have been spoiled by my friends and family and I admit they have seen some of the best and worst of me lately.

Two days ago my mother kept coming into my room (she flew across the country to take care of me) to show me new blogs she has come across reporting on ‘ways to cope with endo’. We still think its thoracic endometriosis so she has gone full fledged google monster. While I should have been thinking ‘wow look at her taking an interest finally’, my brain went straight to anger mode. I said to her ‘these are things I have known for 20 years. Find me a doctor who can remove this from me, thats how you can help’. Yeah I literally said those things. I love her to death and dont know what I would do without her but sometimes – especially in these moments of frustration and exhaustion – I get mad at the band wagon jumpers who assume I havent googled everything from here to Mars.

Needless to say while I did apologise, Ive found that the best way to keep me positive is by reaching out to the community of spoonies that just ‘get me’. I recently, before experiencing this marathon pain, rebranded myself and started reaching out to others who have both colitis and endometriosis. In such a short period of time I have made friends over instagram and twitter, along with a fantastic support system on several facebook groups.

My way of helping you, while thanking them, is to introduce you to some of my new friends.

Meet Erin, aka The Herbivore Kitchen. She is a local to me – right here in Vancouver, BC. I started following Erin on instagram and fell in love with her meal ideas. When I found out she was local, we quickly started chatting over email and hopefully will meet in person one of these days. She has inspiring endo-friendly meals but has given me inspiring words through her email hugs.

Meet @mycolonaintcute on Intagram; A Welsh Londoner who has held my hand through some big ups and downs lately just by being there for me. Her meal ideas are fantastic for both flare and non-flare times. And most of all she has a great sense of humour.

Meet @lowfodmapchatherine who is a recent friend but is helping me – with her words and her delicious low fodmap menu ideas, how to turn my colitis diet into a healthy one. Check out her instagram when you get a chance.

Meet The Heatpad Queen, a beautiful soul showing the most gruellingly honest parts of having endometriosis and other autoimmune diseases. She has created a wonderful network on instagram and through her blog.

Meet @one_spoon_at_a_time_ another beautiful soul on Instagram who is battling motherhood with Crohn’s Disease. Beware her pictures are absolutely stunning. And best of all she’s another local here to BC.

Meet @mygreencolitis who has been capturing her own going green pictorial journal as a way keep motivated. Meanwhile she has been holding my hand, both in the journey of eating well with colitis, but in finding my way. If you are a UC patient looking to go green, this Instagram will totally motivate you.

I thank all of you for being a part of this journey from far and wide.

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