I used to miss my pain meds

Using Turmeric Liquid Phytocaps for inflammation

Alright so this is my big moment of putting my foot in my mouth. Here goes.

So for the last 14 years I have been depending – and I dont use this term lightly – DEPENDING on advil to get me through period pain. I’ll be honest, it did nothing but had an absolutely wonderful placebo effect. Then in June of last year, after I moved to Vancouver and my endo came back with a vengeance, I was so extremely lucky to get a specialist appointment at the BC Women’s clinic.  The doc examined me and told me I had thoracic endo along with endo in other abnormal spots but I walked away with a prescription for Neproxin. Holy Moly this stuff was good! No exaggeration my endo was bad enough that I was taking a pill pretty often, and the meds were doing what it needed to do, but I was also smart enough to space it out as I was fully aware the damage long term use could do. Without sounding like a narc, I finally found something that could allow me to tolerate the pain at work.

But then… then… I got diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and all my NSAIDS were off the table! UGH! Tylenol 2 doesnt work for me. And Tylenol 3 has resulted in some pretty nasty text messages to friends and family that I had to face the next morning. So those are off the table as well. I was frustrated to say the least, and I was bitter. The first few months without anything for pain was driving me bonkers.

Ok so the foot in the mouth part. I was complaining to a friend who happens to be an ND that I can no longer take anti inflammatory drugs because of my UC. She walked away puzzled and confused as to why this would be, but I thought I was making sense. Turns out I overlooked the cardinal rule for NDs. The next time I saw her she was flailing her arms, scolding me for something I thought was quite smart in my mind. Anti-inflammatory drugs is a big umbrella in which NSAIDS fall under, but that umbrella also includes natural remedies like turmeric and curcumin. While I meant to say I couldn’t take NSAIDS, I replaced that with ‘anti-inflammatory’ and then got a beating for it. Truthfully, I had never thought to take something like a spice to reduce my inflammation as I imagined I’d be choking down jars of this stuff just to feel a difference.

Then my moment of realization came. I was visiting my boyfriend in Ottawa after 4 long weeks apart, and was crossing my fingers I wouldnt go into a flare. I didnt exactly have a flare but something I ate sure didnt want to stay in me. A few days of swollen belly and I was ready to take anything. I only had a few more days in Ottawa and I wasnt going to be spending it in the bathroom. I went outside to enjoy the air and noticed an apothecary across the street. I tried my luck at finding something I could take that would help the edema and the inflammation. With the help of a very informative store personnel I bought myself a bottle of Botanica Turmeric liquid phytocaps.

I was instructed to take 2 pills 3 times a day until I started to notice a difference, and then go down to 2 pills a day, every day. Within the first day, I was feeling stronger already. By the second day, I was feeling really good; both physically and emotionally. By day 3 I wouldnt have even known something had been wrong. I went down to 2 pills a day and have been taking these ever since. Here and there I forget to take them, but as soon as I feel a slight bit off I go right back on them. They are my new ‘go-to’ for pain and inflammation.


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