Alcohol and Inflammation: One Size Fits All?

How alcohol effects my Ulcerative Colitis

Pre-emptive to my trip down south next week I thought I would write about my adventures with alcohol since my UC diagnosis.

I begin this by saying alcohol and endometriosis are ALSO not friends so I am not exactly being smart by having alcohol in the first place. But, we all have our days. Ok so, remember that I was diagnosed with UC just before the holidays and while I was smart about not mixing alcohol with high doses of prednisone, I knew there were going to be occasions when I would try a sip of this or a sip of that. Here’s what I conclude:

  1. Beer – I generally like Lager’s anyways so never had to deal with too much bitterness or too high of an alcohol content. Nevertheless, beer seems to sit ok with me. The bubbles dont make me too gassy, and the volume is ok if I drink it slowly.
  2. Bubbly (champagne, prosecco) – this is not good. It seems to have larger, tougher bubbles that I can feel even before it gets to my stomach. It makes me very gassy, and it makes me feel like I am having hot flashes. This one is especially tough for me as I am,… well… Let’s just say prosecco is my go-to.
  3. Wine – I have this nasty suspicion that wine may be been one of the straws that broke the camel’s back for me, so I havent tried it yet. Red or white, they both seem a bit too acidic for my belly now. And I will say I had a sip of wine over the holidays and it didnt taste right to me. Maybe thats my body’s way of saying ‘dont you dare’.
  4. Hard liquor – I have so far had gin, and I did ok with it. But I anticipate a lot of rum in my near future and I am praying to the stomach gods that it sits well.


Its not that I need alcohol, but I sure do miss it. And I want to be able to have a drink here and there, so its best that I know what works for me. What works for you?

***post Punta Cana vacation ***

Ok ladies and gents I now have the full report on what sits and what doesnt…

4. Hard liquor continued – Gin sits quite well BUT the bubbles from tonic or soda DO NOT. Therefore if I have gin I have to have it with something more gentle like juice which is gross. Vodka is wonderful! You cant have it with soda but you can have it with water and lime. Yum. And… you can easily swap it out with tequila which somehow by some miracle also sits well if you DO NOT do shots with it. NO SHOTS! Rum… so good.. in Bahama Mama’s, in Daquiries, in Pina Coladas. Its beautiful in mixed drinks but NO SHOTS! haha… The moral of the story for all liquor is no bubbles, and no shots! it must be masked in something subtle.