Step 1 – skipping my periods

After meeting with the specialist we determined that the first plan of action would be to take my birth control pill consecutively for three months, with no breaks in between, to see if the pain would decrease. I have always been skeptical of this plan because knowing the science behind the menstrual cycle I thought a women would have to shed her lining if in fact it was thickening every month. But the specialist informed me that recent research has shown over time the body realizes it is not going to have a period and therefore the hormones normalize and reduce the thickening. There is no longer a ‘cycle’. Without the changes in hormone and the need to have my period it should reduce the swelling all over my body where the endo tissue is, and should level off the pain. But there is a good chance it wont work so surgery is step #2.

For anyone who is trying this method, here is what happened to me. My body was PMS’ing like normal with bloating and cramping before I was supposed to start bleeding. The first three days of my period I did not bleed but my body has gotten more and more exhausted/confused. Im on day 4 – still really tired but no pain and no bleeding. Im optimistic!