I dont know what (my mood) would do without…

Natural Food and Cosmetic Products for Mood Lifting

Ladies and Gents,

Im sure there are times when you get so wound up about how your body is feeling, or how its not performing the way it used to, or simply that you’re just tired and irritated in general. Maybe its from your Endo, maybe its from your IBD, or maybe its just ‘cuz. If you are anything like me, there are certain products you use to lift your mood that you couldnt comprehend living without. Here are a few of my favorite things.

  1. DoTerra essential oils (Lavender; DigestZen). If you have not gotten into the essential oils or are still sceptical that they work, I getcha. Its an unusual concept BUT for those of you willing to try, I beg you to work with the DoTerra oils. digestzen-15mlThey are 100% pure oil extracts, are regulated, and are good enough in most cases to use topically AND internally (ie. you can use them for cooking or just straight up eat ’em). Lavendar oil literally soothes my soul. One sniff of that stuff and I feel like Im floating on a cloud. The one I just purchased and am truly in love with is the DigestZen. For this one, I rub 2-3 drops on my belly when I feel like im a bit swollen or gurgly and supposedly the oil is able to penetrate through the skin barrier into my digestive tract. After just one use I felt the oils were calming my colon even if just enough to allow me to fall asleep. https://doterra.com
  2. Frankie and Myrrh ‘Spray the Bitch Away’. I almost dont want to tell too many people about this one because it is to die for. My best friend ordered a bottle for me off Etsy.com directly from Frankie and Myrrh. Frankie and MyrrhThis combination of essential oils not only relieves PMS but helps with any level of stress or ‘…being enraged with an overall bad attitude’. You spray 2 times in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together to heat the oil and then breathe into your hands – deep breaths. Or you can simply spray into the air and sniff, sniff, sniff. If this mixture is not right for you, they do have other potions for purchase although I have not tried them. https://frankieandmyrrh.com
  3. Lush ‘Full of Grace’ Lotion Bar is one of my newfound favourites. lush full of grace insta 640I went into Lush to see if they had any face masks that could help revive the strength and glow of my skin that was lacking after using Prednisone. We tried a few and I had a handful of options but it wasnt until I was walking to the cash that she showed me the Full of Grace Lotion Bar. You rub it into your hands and it turns into a shiny mixture that you then rub onto your face. Due to the essential oils in it, and the mixture of goodness, your skin is left soft, radiant and smelling damn good. www.lush.ca
  4. Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea is a little bit tart, a little bit juicy, a little bit citrusy, and all things soothing. Not the kind of soothing that you’d get from a mint tea but more like the soothing you’d get from a slice a chocolate cake – that invincible feeling (…drinking one right now actually). wild orange I resorted to herbal teas when I came home from the hospital and luckily stumbled upon this brand/flavor in the discount cart at Winners. Im hoping I can find more before I run out. As I am not yet able to dive into fruits and vegetables like I once used to, this is a good alternative for me, along with notes of lemongrass, citrus herbs and licorice root. So good! www.tazo.com

5. Woodlot ‘Flora’ candle is the one scent I absolutely adore from the Woodlot collection. Here in Vancouver we are inundated with local candle companies – Woodlot being one of them – but for some reason its a lot harder to find this brand.  floraI think I am going to have to start ordering this from the online shop. Anyways this candle has a perfect combination of floral, that smell that you find in the massage therapists room, and the smell that gets stuck on your clothes after a bonfire. It allows me to escape for a few minutes until my nose gets used to the scent. On those days where I cant seem to find the strength to do much of anything, I burn this candle and just sink into my couch. www.shopwoodlot.com

Now that you know all of my secrets to keeping the glass half full, I hope you find these products just as useful as I do.

Its just the beginning but it feels like the end

Emotionally Coping with Both Endometriosis and Ulcerative Colitis

One of the most frustrating things about this journey is I must have had Ulcerative Colitis for years without realising it – or calling it Endometriosis – but now that its here, its like it wont go away. And I keep telling myself that I cant give up because its just the beginning, but some days (like today) are harder to keep the glass half full. I wake up anticipating that things will be bad, am happy that they are considerably manageable, get angry when I feel full but cant poop, feel perplexed when drugs arent working, and then feel exhausted from feeling all of these emotions.

I found a support group for IBD here in Vancouver and will be attending a session next month. Im excited for it although I wish there were more people on the facebook support groups who were willing to ‘support’. I had my challenges with the endometriosis facebook groups, cant seem to find many for UC, and the luck of finding one for both were so slim I created one myself. Just me babbling on there like I do here, hoping someone is readying and saying ‘amen sister!’.

I find the one thing that keeps me from exploding is taking 5 minutes to just turn off the world, breathe, forget about what each part of my body is feeling, and just let go. 5 minutes. I dont allow myself much more than that these days for fear I will fall into a rut, but that 5 minutes is golden. If you are reading thing, I encourage you to do the same.

For those of you who are into, or thinking about, essential oils, I plan on posting something on here tomorrow but let me tell you my new best friend is lavender oil, the ZenGest from DoTerra and the ‘spray the bitch away’ from Frankie and Myrrh (sold on Etsy).