Webber Natural Women’s Most Complete Multi

Something I’m trying out here on the blog is spreading the word about products that truly have impacted my health for the better. Hands down this product deserves an award.

Webber Natural has a multi vitamin for women that includes your typical vitamins and minerals. But they also pack in a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables. At first I thought this might be a hoax but after taking one pill a day for about a week, I could feel a significant difference in my bowel movements.  For those of you who have ever juiced, you can probably report that an hour after you drank your juice, it was time to ‘do your business’. And, if you were like me, I noticed my poops were (TMI!!!) one piece. But I stopped juicing for many reasons, and now, I feel as though this multi has the same healthy effect on my system.

As per my endo systems – again much like juice – my cramps significantly decreased during bowel movements because again… the whole one piece thing. And I tell ya,… its a true blessing for endo belly. It does take a few hours and I tend to pop one of these at night when the endo belly hurts so much I cant fall asleep. With some time it definitely reduces the swelling pressure for at least enough comfort to fall asleep.

A month ago I worked from abroad for three weeks and it was incredibly difficult to avoid wheat and sugars. My body was a mess and unfortunately I had forgotten to bring my multis. I ran to the store at one point to buy any multi I could find, but it wasnt making me feel any different. As soon as I got back home – three weeks later – I felt so lethargic and swollen from eating the wrong foods that I was on a mission to undo the damage. The first day back I popped my multi, and within hours I was feeling better.

If you can find this product do me a favor and try it out. While you may already be getting your healthy dose of fruits and veggies, sticking to this multi will truly give you a great start to your day.

The bonus with this multi is it is not super high in Iron (like most women’s multis are) so it wont hurt your stomach either.