Syng Pharma aimed at a long term treatment for endometriosis

I was introduced to a company called Syng Pharmaceuticals who is working on a long term treatment for endometriosis. Nobody wants to throw the C (‘cure’) word around lightly but I was very impressed with the science behind this. Vinay Singh, CEO of Syng Pharmaceuticals, shared with me the science behind this company including some insightful information pertaining to the lack of pharmaceutical portfolios focused on/funded to find a cure for endo. In fact, Abbvie, creator of Lupron and its newly designed oral version Elagolix, have dedicated their expertise towards finding a band-aid for the pain. Its the best we have got so far.

About Syng Pharmaceuticals:

SYNG Pharma has discovered a biomarker for endometriosis, a protein which has a role in allowing endometrial cells to spread outside the uterus. SYNG Pharma has developed a proprietary test which has potential to become the first line test for endometriosis. SYNG Pharma’s current lead candidate (SP012) is a molecule which specifically targets this biomarker and inhibits the proliferation of endometriotic lesions. SP012 has potential to become the standard of care as it may have disease modifying properties and deliver benefits without affecting reproductive outcomes.

Syng Pharmaceutics is part of the Toronto Mars facility and has received seed funding in the first few years of experimental development. A publication demonstrating early signs of success using a mouse model showed very promising results. As a follow up, Syng Pharmaceuticals has received praise and buy-in by many gynecologists and endo surgeons who believe this could be a sound treatment for patients IF the results can be shown on human tissue.

In order to do so, Syng Pharmaceuticals is now in pursuit of finding funding for this next round of testing. While somewhat unusual, in the meantime they have set up a gofundme project to raise some money.

If you are interested in helping out please click the link below.




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