Breakfast Ideas

I find it is so easy to have food fatigue when it comes to breakfast. Cereal everyday, or eggs made the same way. And when it is both the first meal of the day and the most important one, it is critical to have a few recipes up your sleeve to rotate through.

Vegetarian Shakshuka (Endo/UC)

What you will need (per serving): 3/4 cups veggies (either chopped tomato, tomato puree or pureed soup) 2 eggs salt and peper cayenne spice optional fresh basil for garnish Traditional shakshuka is made with cooked down tomato, egg, spices and sausage. When I have time, I chop up tomato and reduce it down to a… Continue reading Vegetarian Shakshuka (Endo/UC)

Potato and Egg Muffins

What you will need: 6 large or 8 medium potatoes 12 eggs salt and pepper 6 tablespoons goat cheese (optional) salt, pepper and paprika to taste I have made many variations of this recipe and trust me this version works the best. Most recipes will call for cooked potatoes but I find it turns into… Continue reading Potato and Egg Muffins

Power Breakfast (Endo/UC)

Because rice is my saviour, I make these power rice bowls when I need a boost of flavor and protein. You can mix the ingredients up as much as you’d like. If you have endo you can use the blend I made before – a long grain rice that contains some dried vegetables – but… Continue reading Power Breakfast (Endo/UC)