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CHUNKY Guacamole (Endo/UC)

I absolutely love this chunky guacamole as its flavourful and different. For those of you avoiding nightshades you can omit the salsa. The recipe: 2 avocados 1/2 tablespoon minced garlic 1 and a half tablespoons prepared salsa of your choice salt and pepper to taste lime juice (for those of you who can do dairy,… Continue reading CHUNKY Guacamole (Endo/UC)

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Rolled Eggplant with gluten-free Capellini (Endo/UC)

Ever feel like adding a little spin on a pasta dish? I did. And I found this recipe and loved it. I claim it as my own now simply because - as always - I made some modifications. Note that this recipe can be made with substitute cheeses if you find good ones.  What you… Continue reading Rolled Eggplant with gluten-free Capellini (Endo/UC)

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Zucchini Lasagna with cheese (Endo/UC)

I have tried eggplant lasagna but wanted to try something new. Instead I worked my way up to zucchini lasagna. If you have ever made traditional lasagna before this is quite similar with the exception of zucchini slices to substitute pasta. Ingredients: 1 can tomato sauce or homemade sauce of your choice5-6 zucchini1 cup cottage… Continue reading Zucchini Lasagna with cheese (Endo/UC)