Keto Coffee – Promotion on now!

Alright everyone, you gotta hear me out about this Keto Coffee….

My friend KRISTI is looking for 5 models to try the KETO COFFEE ☕️ ☕️It’s non GMO and all you would have to do is substitute it for your morning coffee for 90 days! This coffee burns fat, fuels your brain so you can focus with more energy, and keeps your full until your first meal. Perfect for those people on the go! It tastes like a delicious creamy latte! She’s going to hook you up with her 40% discount too!! Where are all my coffee addicts that want to make that habit a little healthier?

So this is Coffee, collagen, MCT oil and grass fed butter and pink Himalayan salt all in an on the go pack, so it is a powder that you just blend either hot or cold. You get 15 in a bag. Just drink one cup every other day.

The packets are single serve and taste like a frothy latte!! The sustained energy is just clean feeling. No jitters 🙌🏼

✔Boosts energy, focus and mood
✔Kills cravings and satisfy hunger
✔Fuels body and burns fat
✔ gives stronger hair and softer skin
✔ gives a balanced metabolism 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

To order, message me or order using the address in the card below.



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