Just a sick girl’s rant

I don’t know who is out there anymore or who subscribes to blog RSSs (is that what they are called), but I started out on this blog for me so hey, here we go. I don’t know how to do this anymore. The symptoms, the drugs, the expectations. It’s all heavy, you know? Like, you have this layer of existing that just seems to float through life. And then, there is this thin layer of grime that occurs on that light thin layer, when the drugs weigh in. And then on top of that there’s like a molasses layer when the fatigue sets in. And then sitting on top of this molasses layer are bumps – these things that hit life and set you off course a bit like when you stick your arm out of a moving vehicle on a windy day. Those bumps are all the expectations people put on you cus hey ‘you have a role in this life and you need to live up to it’.

I used to hate the slimy later of medication side effects but without it now, I feel like I have nothing anchoring me to the ground. Have no medications that helps and Im just floating and fluttering without any real direction. For me I spend way too much time focusing on each new symptom; a twitch on the arm, loss of feeling in a finger, difficulty swallowing. I spend too much time analyzing my bowel movements or my cramps. I put stock in one good day and then get miserable when I try to replicate it and it all turns to shit. And while everyone around me keeps moving and living and wondering about cool shit, I just hope and pray that the doctor is going to call me. With every new negative exam that comes through my patient portal I feel dread of having a diagnosis and equal or more dread of not having a diagnosis. It’s all so heavy. Every single day I am expected to just go on with my life, like it doesn’t hurt. Like it doesn’t just hurt so bad. One day the doctor will call. That’s that they say. These things take time. I wish I could sleep it all away sometimes. You know? Like just hang up my coat, crawl into bed, close the curtains and sleep. Sleep for days. Sleep for weeks if I have to and then come back to life when the doctor is ready to see me. But I cant do that. I have too much going on. We all have too much going on.

Keto Coffee – Promotion on now!

Alright everyone, you gotta hear me out about this Keto Coffee….

My friend KRISTI is looking for 5 models to try the KETO COFFEE ☕️ ☕️It’s non GMO and all you would have to do is substitute it for your morning coffee for 90 days! This coffee burns fat, fuels your brain so you can focus with more energy, and keeps your full until your first meal. Perfect for those people on the go! It tastes like a delicious creamy latte! She’s going to hook you up with her 40% discount too!! Where are all my coffee addicts that want to make that habit a little healthier?

So this is Coffee, collagen, MCT oil and grass fed butter and pink Himalayan salt all in an on the go pack, so it is a powder that you just blend either hot or cold. You get 15 in a bag. Just drink one cup every other day.

The packets are single serve and taste like a frothy latte!! The sustained energy is just clean feeling. No jitters 🙌🏼

✔Boosts energy, focus and mood
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Danielle Joy Designs

I recently connected with Danielle, founder and owner of Danielle Joy Designs.

I was randomly searching for endometriosis-related merch on Etsy the other day and stumbled upon bracelets that called out to me. They were bold and feminine at the same time, and I was quick to order one for myself. But as I started looking through the online shop I discovered that the owner is an #endowarrior like me.

Danielle was diagnosed with endometriosis after a year of excruciatingly chronic abdominal pain that no doctor could explain. Many MANY tests, scans and specialists later, she was finally able to find an endometriosis specialist who immediately scheduled her for a diagnostic laparoscopic surgery and excision of endometriosis if found. Stage 3 endometriosis was found and excised.

Danielle provides her clients with personalized jewelry and has a special collection of bracelets dedicated to the endometriosis part of her world.

A message from Danielle: The road to a specialist who can help women suffering with endo averages {TEN YEARS}! Yes, that’s right… women suffer for an average of ten years just to be diagnosed properly! 1 in 10 women have endometriosis! There are only a handful of specialists out there that even understand endo enough to help. There needs to be more awareness of this terribly crippling disease that still has {NO CURE}. Too many women out there are needlessly suffering day in and day out, merely existing, trying to just get through their day.

“We are researching on what the best foundation is for donations but we will be donating proceeds to an endometriosis foundation to help find a cure. Women deserve to get their lives back and we want to help fellow #endosisters as much as we possibly can.”

You can purchase Danielle’s jewelry on Etsy and Amazon. Be sure to use the promo code ENDOAWARENESS. Details are also on the sidebar of this site.

Danielle can be found on her website (daniellejoydesigns.com), her etsy shop (DanielleJoyDesigns) or on social media:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DanielleJoyDesigns
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/daniellejoydesigns
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/djdjewelry




Versatile Blogger Award

I am so honored to be awarded the Versatile Blogger Award; you can find more information here: https://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/

I graciously thank http://www.endotough.com/ for presenting this award to me. As a ‘pay it forward’ I nominate the following blogs for the Versatile Blog Award:


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