Endo Toolkit – by Jessica Murnane

Jessica.pngEndo sisters! If you have not yet heard of Jessica Murnane you must become familiar with her work immediately. Several years ago I came across her book ‘One Part Plant’ and bought it right away. I knew she was legit because the forward to her book was written by Lena Dunham!!!!

Anyways, we’ve messaged back and forth a few times over the years – from Canada to Australia – but this got my attention. The Know Your Endo, Endo Toolkit.

Not only is Jessica giving to the endo community through her podcast, her blog, and her cookbooks, but now she has created this 5-week course on how to care for your body through diet and lifestyle to mitigate symptoms of endo.

The Endo Tool Kit Includes:


Check out https://knowyourendo.com/program/ for more details or to sign up.

Early Bird Enrollment: $149
Early Bird pricing ends March 17th at 8PM EST.
Standard pricing will begin after at $199.

The course begins March 25th!


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