Endo tissue outside the uterus bleeds too.

I am just about to have my period and Im kinda hung up on something. Take a look at the excerpt below first:

But unlike the tissue lining the uterus, which leaves your body during menstruation, endometriosis tissue is essentially trapped.

With no place to go, the tissue bleeds internally. Your body reacts to the internal bleeding with inflammation, a process that can lead to the formation of scar tissue, also called adhesions. This inflammation and the resulting scar tissue may cause pain and other symptoms.

Recent research also finds that this misplaced endometrial tissue may develop its own blood supply to help it proliferate and nerve supply to communicate with the brain. – http://www.healthywomen.org/condition/endometriosis

This means that right now, as my uterus is getting ready to shed my lining, the endometrial tissue surrounding my bladder, abdomen, diaphragm and left hip are also ‘getting ready to bleed’. While this is truly fascinating from a scientific perspective, to think about this happening in my own body is freaking me out. Im so skinny right now from the endo pain within the last two months, I cant even fathom my body bleeding in all those places.

Thought I would share my thoughts this morning. Is anyone else with me on this gruesome thought?

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